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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it is the dawn of yet another wonderful day on the shores ofer northeast ohio. so wednesday morning in the city this 13th day of january 21:65 a.m. a lot of school closings anda delays at the bottom of your screen. most of the feeds to the eastern part will keep you posted on that.
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i don't know. he's the most important man in thein building right now. >> look at the differences in the temperatures in the sky condition which is out and eastern cuyahoga county at 16ou temperature at hopkins and nine. the temperature in akron at seven under partly cloudy skies. we had seen some then were you start to see this turkish piece of wood really indicate the heavier person of snow notice the back edge. near cleveland shaker heights with some light snow notice how they're starting to move a little more northeast it has
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with late county where those persist. it will shift with the lake county ashtabula county line traced to an injury in cleveland and hardly anything further south as the temperatures haveha been in the single digits. show you the bus stop forecast with ablec run proposed zero all morning long. snow primarily with shifting to the east. we will call back over again this afternoon and anticipate a general more of a later general snow to develop after sundown tonight us with another clipper were not anticipating major amounts ofa that will talk more about the them out to integrate developing on friday absolutely will check it out in a a few minutes traffic time with patty harkin it is 5:02 a.m. >> good morning. things look good coming up 7770 when i 90 it's been checking out jessica has been showing us in ground fox that has not beene
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around route defensively you travel pleasepl keep that in mind as you headd out the door. which you come up to cleveland this is a whole different world. chester is still blocked between 40 and east fife ice as they continue to have a water main break. to 70 went about wait, no problems, you can see it looksee great. roads have been. treated. this is a peek at route eight and the turnpike. the drive times have been quite except for on the inside the 12 minute right and 13 quick minutes and 77 into town. we're going to send it back over to wayne and kristi. top story is it's been snowing all morning long to the east. lake effect snow is set up over ashtabula counties right now. let's check in with jessica dill is life in ground fox checking on the conditions on the snowball.on >> anything kristi, good morning. i wantod to show you this on and
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as for your quick to see the most problems getting on and off the highways. the site streets two. nady has been okay. the archer just turn around now we're headed back toward 90 east. as you can see here as n long as you river and lakewood look a lot better than the cider here when we pass through will look it started to get pretty bad an painesville. you can see the road and a lot of places. and looking okay at least where
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that the city said that they have snow removal crews pebble focus on servicingat the roads. they will focus on the main roads first. they 16 tons of salt and k tons. all along with this winter weather comes off that has education slippery roads bitter cold temperatures and sledding accidents and nine -year-old waspe there is they hurt last night. stacy fry is here with what we know this morning. >> the point was spotted in a neighborhood held that slopes into street that oi when he was hit by a car. here's the is that much more than amount one down to middle lakes boulevard pick up enough speed and you're going out onto the street you can see from the trucks with this little help
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part of the problem is drivers don't pay enough attention that there are so many children in the area we don't sweat i'm a fan of the street. we don't want to get hit. north ridgefield police have not said whether they think any chargesth will be filed the suit driver going fastil there's a sledding hill very popular around my house and it can be as same problem. you have to stand down at the bottom is much for the kids because if they keep going to says it's too icy even just a foot or two off the curb. in a terrible accident can happen. a second suspect now behind bars
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ofof s the shooting deaths of three -year-old major harassed. >> irritating's was arrested on east 90 yesterday police are still looking for another spots park whose belief to house fire that deadly shots. tonya will be charged with aggravated murder cleveland police have also arrested another suspect accused of attacking a priest in little italy last month the 20 -year-old pistol with the priestess he walked to the car at east 120 and mayfield road a person who came to the priests eightth was spent rob. police arrested sold so long harvard avenue yesterday in northfield center fibers and state firet marshal's office still looking for closed as they try to find what caused monday's deathly house explosion that pass killedy jeff in and their two daughtersll investigators say the father was foundt near a patio door while the mother
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through the gross protecting them. levels are remembering them as aas great family. they were founding members of the rock community church in garfield heights where he was a deacon and cindy taught sunday school. cindy looked work that kits length of behavior center and twinsburg coworker said they are grieving the loss of a very special woman. the ten -year-old allison was home schooled and ruthless in the second grade ten northfield elementary school and that will do near hills school district. they had extra counselors for her classmates.t his unspeakable what happened last night.t. i met with the staff this morning to prepare them for the day in tears which is slowing.or that methodist church says in a statement the family's life touched many people and will be deeply missed b relatives are
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water sensor havingfo a tough time keeping up with the rock about jackpot bit it stands at $1.5 billion. that's a a be. cash option is $930 million it's been growing stover for could grow even more today as people rushed to buy tickets the drive is at 11. d i've got a get ticket i had weather and traffic every eight minutes is coming up. for the clinic opted to have ad homeless man who was simply trying to keep warm. >> it's one of my few regrets of my presidency that the rancor and suspicion between the partiessi instead of better. present obama speaks out about a top regrets for giving his final
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scott, good morning. good morning everybody streaks of lake affect out notice the winds are shifting coming out of the west and southwest though the come more out of thest shifting this being. into the heart of a kenny and eventually happened ashtabula
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this is a live look around 90 eastbound traffic is moving
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these because of the heavy snow out there. we are your official school closing station. we have a lot of closing and delays for example and chardon local schools are close we also have them adjust in town that you need to keep an eye on as well.w as we do weather and traffic every eight minutes let's check in with scott sabol. you can get lake effect in the heart of the soap up for the secondary snowball.o
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:` welcome back. we do weather and traffic every eight minutes.s. i was in the cleveland area look. it's out east it will show you that it is second how they're faring.owha between 455 because of that water main break that happened a while ago we are down there yesterday this is with this thing looks like early t part of
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back so this'll once you and you could clear us about. as you head further out east there. 1627 ditto for the valero station that marathon that was fun 40s. for the gas tracker tab
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prices in your neighborhood. he uses last reunion address to askst americans first ability and optimism pickup and a jab at the presidential candidate. the presence of what at the usual laundry list of legislative courts that the congress hasr no intention of
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at the bigger picture. we are partnering with nikki haley give the republican response. with donald trump:it's slow and the first breaking news right now have ryan has 310 americans who is taken into custody
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gulf. maybe for a dip in fire in washington state coffee kiosk. the owner of the coffee stainsof that she was a single mom with two daughters who is dedicated to her zerowi plans to hold the benefits this weekend. after more than two decades inwo st. louis the rams are returned to the city of ages 30 of 32 and that meeting they will play in
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after moving.
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the lake affect to start to shift as
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shifting over to some saw one saturday were going to get some streaksto of lake affect saturday night into sunday we go from 38 saturday '20s and teens early next week this is the holiday weekend if you're going to be skiingng cleveland police received a complaint call about glenn to an apartment building.
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